Using Technology to Grow Your Business: 5 Strategies for Success

The world of technology is constantly changing. As a photographer, you can either adapt to this change or fall behind and risk stunting the growth of your business. The days of a riding a one-medium path to success are over. Today it’s about versatility, innovation, and finding creative ways to be better than your competitors.

Technology offers you the opportunity to be bold with your content strategy. Experiment with it, try new things and see how your audience responds. Here are 5 strategies to stay ahead of the curve:

#1 — Repurpose your content in unique ways

If you’re into social media, you’re aware of how analytics are tracked. But did you know that you can use analytics to repurpose your most successful content? Consider a “success story” post that uses common social media metrics such as likes, engagement, and follower growth. Sharing the inspiration behind your posts allows you to strategically repurpose content while providing an inside look at your creative process. Just be careful not to reveal your secrets!

#2 — Don’t be afraid to use new gadgets

Look around — new tech is everywhere. Using it in a brand-specific way shows that your business cares about being innovative.

As a photographer, you’re deeply attached to your favourite camera. At Flixel, we get it — but why not switch it up? Using different types of cameras can add some variety to your content. Take a look at some wearable camera options that are changing the way we take photos.

#3 — Know your platform, and become a master of it

Social media platforms are changing about as often as you change your socks. To stay current, your brand should use each platform’s various features. For example, Instagram recently released a “stories” feature similar to the already existing Snapchat version. Ensuring that your brand capitalizes on every available tool and feature will improve your likelihood of success.

#4 — Differentiate yourself with creativity

A highly saturated market guarantees that every new piece of technology will be quickly adopted by the masses. Do something that is uniquely you, and do it well to separate your business. For example, a unique hashtag campaign would be the most basic way to have a creative strategy on social media. Use it as you wish, but keep in mind that professional content can be silly and fun too.

#5 — Make use of the Cloud

By now you’ve heard all about it, but you may still not be utilizing it to the fullest extent. Cloud services make your content more accessible, secure and most importantly,  scalable. You’ll never have to worry about data infrastructure when you’re ready to scale up your business. The improved ease and accessibility will modernize the way you share.

Flixel has implemented FlixelCloud, a Cloud hosting service that lets you share your Cinemagraphs quickly and easily. It’s fully integrated with our other applications, which means that you can share and transfer your Cinemagraphs with ease!

These strategies will help to ensure that your content utilizes technology on the cutting edge, and enables your business to grow. Feel free to comment if you have any helpful tips or tricks that you’d like to share. Thanks for reading!


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